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Putu Made Senayan City

Yesterday I came to Putu Made Restaurant to try some of the menus they serve. Putu Made is a restaurant under the Boga Group newly opened in Senayan City Mall. This restaurant presents a variety of typical Balinese cuisine that is very thick that you should try. Until now, Putu Made Restaurant is a restaurant that serves the best Balinese cuisine in this city I have ever tried.

Besides that there is a big name Chef Mandif Warokka. Here he is as the creator menu that translates the philosophy of Basa Genap in each dish. Different from the other restaurants serving typical Balinese cuisine, Putu Made has a determination to take root in the philosophy of the Basa Genap. So when we enjoy typical Balinese cuisine here, we will get the taste of typical Bali that is maintained.

At this restaurant, you can find a wide selection of typical Balinese cuisine in a place that has a mix of interior concepts from Putu Made that reflects the richness of Balinese culture and modern interpretation.

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jajanbeken pergi kuliner putu made

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The cozy atmosphere is very emanate at this restaurant. It all feels from natural materials that are commonly found in typical Balinese architecture. Putu Made also provides a live grill kitchen area where we can see each dish baked together.

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Like you can see on the photo, Balinese atmosphere is very thick with modern interior. They provide a variety of tables with different capacities. Ornaments that decorate this room add a beautiful impression on this restaurant. Painting on the wall, beautiful chandelier, until the plants are available and I think this could be a landmark of Putu Made.

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As for some of the menu that I try here is

Rujak Putu Made & Jeruk Bali IDR 59K

This menu served with pomelo and prawn salad served with a combination of kuah pindang and palm sugar tamarind dressing. I really like this menu because this is my first sensation in enjoying the shrimp with an unusual dish. It tastes very good and refreshing you should try this.

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Lumpia Goreng Ayam Betutu IDR 45K

This menu served with crispy spring roll with betutu spiced shredded chicken and mixed vegetables. Spring roll skin is very tasty because it feels savory and stuffing on the spring roll so much that it feels chicken meat. Recommended, you should try this.


Ekor Tenggiri IDR 165K

This menu served with spanish mackerel tail topped with torch ginger “sambal bongkot” and aromatic leaves. For you the lovers of mackerel fish tail would love this menu. The meat tasted a spice that permeated. And don’t forget also they provide sambal kecap  which will increase your appetite.

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Ubud Bebek Goreng IDR 115K

This menu served with ubud’s favorite deep fried crispy duck, and served with sambal matah and sambal klungkung. When this menu came to my table the aroma given was very evocative of the appetite. The duck meat is very tender and the skin of this duck is very savory.

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Sate Platter IDR 159K

This menu served with satay platter selection of six kinds of satay with assortment flavors to please everyone’s palate. Served with sambal matah and sambal kecap. On this menu there are chicken satay, lamb satay, beef satay, escargot and etc. I tried escargot, it tastes good and has a chewy meat texture. If eaten with sambal served, certainly will feel more delicious.

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Putu Made Bebek Betutu IDR 235K

This menu served with slow roasted whole duck (stuffed with cassava leaves) with rich betutu spice wrapped in pelepah pinang. Served with lawar kacang panjang, 2 small komoh soups and 3 sambal (sambal kelapa, klungkung and bongkot). And this menu is the signature dish of this restaurant. The taste of betutu duck meat is very amazingly delicious. Cooking spice perfectly seeps into the meat and is deeply felt.

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Es Putu Made IDR 39K

This sweet dessert menu served with coconut flesh, green grass jelly, green rice flour jelly, fermented cassava, palm fruit kernel, sweet potato dumpling, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.

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Bubuh Injin Es Krim Kelapa IDR 29K

This menu served with glutinous rice porridge and served with coconut ice cream.

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I highly recommend this restaurant to you guys, Putu Made Restaurant at Senayan City Mall has a distinctive taste of Balinese cuisine. They will serve you with a very cozy restaurant atmosphere. Besides that their service is also very fast and friendly.

Finally I close my review and don’t forget to follow our culinary journey in this blog, InstagramYoutube and Facebook. Please apologize if there is something missing in writing or menu explanation. We open for critics and comment. See you in another culinary journey with Jajanbeken!


Taste : Excellent

Service : Excellent

Price :  Average



Wifi : Yes

Plug : Yes

Dine in : Yes

Outdoor : No

Toilet : Yes

Parking: Yes



Address : Senayan City Lantai 5. Jl. Asia Afrika No.Lot.19, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Tanah Abang, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270

Telp :  021 72781519

Instagram @helloputumade

Putu Made Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Open hour:  10.00 – 22.00 WIB

Price : Rp500.000 for two people (approx.)

Dresscode : Smart Casual.


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