Jajanbeken is Indonesian Food Travel and Lifestyle Blog base in Jakarta. We hope this blog will assist you in finding a restaurant and street food. Began as a hobby who love to eat and photograph, therefore we pour out our eating experience and has captured all on this blog.

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Jajanbeken.com started entering blog on May 2015 by the name of Jajanbeken and migrate to dot com domain on March 11th, 2016. Now Jajanbeken reach total visits as 3.024.000 with rate 4000 – 5000 visits per day (updated August 23rd, 2018). Why Jajanbeken? Because it’s represent our habits to “Jajan” or snack for “Beken” popular food, exist food or hype food wherever we are. And the member of Jajanbeken are :

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You can call him Adie, Born in Jakarta 26 November, he is a foodie and photographer. On this blog he tells all his experience through the camera. He has been learning photography since 2005, he is interests with macro, building and models and never thought before that he would pursue into a food photography on 2013 a year that brought him to a foodie until now. He had took photography class with Darwis Triadi on March 2015 for models and food photography.

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He learned how to sensory and developing flavor and extract in R&D of Flavor Company for 7 years. Basically he is a sweet tooth but on the other hand he love savory too, and his favorite food are Satay and Rendang. 


Bona Primatama

Born in Jakarta 7 June, Bona is the content writer of the blog Jajanbeken. He is expecting what he wrote on this blog that can be accepted by most people.  Now he is working in a Food Platform Company since 2018 as Food Intelligent. He is really likes Nasi Goreng, spicy food and savory but he particularly like the street food. When writing his experience about culinary, he is very concerned about the service.


Be expected you can enjoy to be on our blog. Hopefully all posts in this blog can help you with benefits. Your comments and suggestions extremely helpful in the progress of our blog. If there is an information about the latest restaurants or would like to ask, please contact us at hello@jajanbeken.com






Jajanbeken Food Photographer Jakarta:

Jajanbeken take partnership with the best restaurant in Jakarta for Food Photography.

Sarang Oci Manadonese Restaurant, from January 2019

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta sarang oci restaurant

Ishigamaya Jakarta, February 2019

jajanbeken food photographer menu book

Ristorante da Valentino, from August 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta valentino jakarta

Akira Back Jakarta, from August 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta akiraback jakarta

AB Steak Jakarta, from August 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta ab steak jakarta.png

Zenbu Restaurant, from May to August 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta zenbu restaurant

Beatrice Quarters, from May to August 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta beatrice quarters.png

SOHK Soul of Hardcore Kitchen, from May to August 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta sohk.png

Seikami Jam, July 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta foto produk jakarta.png

PT. Ogawa Indonesia Flavor & Fragrance for Food Ingredients Asia 2016, September 2016jajan beken FIA 2016

Food photography is the first step to build a social media, make it as your desires from detail to table situation, from natural to sophisticated tone.

jajanbeken food travel blogger
Photo courtesy @jktshootandgram
jajanbeken photography
Table situation photo shoot for Aromanis Suryo
Jajanbeken as Media Specialist Jakarta:

Jajanbeken take partnership with Junior Master Chef Indonesia, Chef Revo from September to December 2018 for social media including Instagram, Youtube and Website.

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta kids master chef revo.png

MAM Jakarta, from January 2019

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta mam jakarta.png

3 Skinnyminnies, from January 2019

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta 3 skinnyminnies.png

Warung Taliwang Lombok, from March 2019

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta warung taliwang lombok.png

Jajanbeken expand to handle Instagram of Hotel in Jakarta, our client is Hotel Santika Premiere Slipi Jakarta. We take partnership with their restaurant brand as Yan Palace Chinese Restaurant, from August to December 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta santika slipi jakarta.png

We are honor to take Instagram and website handle for @greenwok.id as the first calorie counted meals healthy food Jakarta by the founder of @3skinnyminnies and @mamjkt, from October 2018

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta greenwok jakarta.png

We took Instagram handle and food photography for one of UMKM Jakarta from August to October 2017

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta umkm jakarta.png


Jajanbeken as Speaker Guest Jakarta:

June 2019, Zomato Skillet Understanding Restaurant Customer Behavior

December 2018, The Secret of Food Photography for Social Media Workshop with Laughing Cow

jajanbeken indonesia food photographer jakarta

July 2018, Capturing Good Photos with Smartphone Workshop for PT. Foodie Direktori Indonesia

jajanbeken top indonesia food blogger

November 2017, Foodstethic Photography Workshop for Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

jajanbeken food photographer jakarta
Jajanbeken Blog Competition Achievement:

July 2017, Honorable Mention Nulis Bareng Foody Indonesia

jajanbeken foodyid food blog

March 2017, 1st Winner Blog Contest Food Garden by Jakarta Garden City Township

jajanbeken best food blog winner

April 2016, Best Blog Winners Bungasari Flour Mills jajanbeken food blog best blog winner

Jajanbeken Instagram Photo Competition Achievement:

June 2018, 1st Winner Instagram Photo Competition Jakarta Fair 2018

Jajanbeken achievement

December 2016, 1st Winner Instagram Photo Contest Waroeng Mama Ong


March 2016, 1st Winner Instagram Photo Contest Keripik King Kong @universalfoodid


January 2016, 1st Winner Instagram Photo Contest @warunk_upnormal Cempaka Putih

jajanbeken indonesian food blog jakarta

October 2015, 3rd Winner Instagram Photo Contest @summareconmallbekasi



Partnership Jajanbeken as Food Blogger Jakarta

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For any inquiry:

Please send email to hello@jajanbeken.com


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