Zomato Skillet 2019

Indonesia is a country that has enormous potential for culinary business. Based on Zomato records in May 2019, there are 1,057 new restaurants in Jakarta area. It shows that the figure of 9% is not impossible, it might be more increasing and this also makes the competition of the culinary industry continue to increase.

In this Zomato Skillet event, Zomato will discuss the importance of maintaining the continuity of culinary business by understanding consumers. There are several steps that must be done by restaurant entrepreneurs to understand their consumers.

The first thing is to create segmentation for the culinary business. Finding out the demographics of consumers (age, work, gender and geography), creates many reasons for consumers to come to your restaurant and the most important is the digital application of aspects in the culinary industry

The last aspect is one of the most important aspects, where through digital culinary entrepreneurs it is easier to understand the characteristics and behavior of their consumers. Starting from the way they find restaurants, dine in (enjoy food), payments to disseminate information about your restaurant.

Zomato presents reliable speakers in the culinary and banking industry for Zomato Skillet this time. Starting from Andrew Sinaga, CEO of Foodizz educational platform for F & B Business, Lusiana Saleh, Head of CIMB Niaga’s Digital Business – Branch and Partnership, Pushpendra Kumar, GOJEK’s Vice President Monetization. Also Windy Iwandy – Foodirectory, Toshiko Potoboda editor of culinary media Kumparan and me Bona Primatama – Jajanbeken

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