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So glad we are back to share our story when staycation at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on last week. As we know, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta is a business hotel located in the heart of the capital and many people said that this is the best business hotel in Jakarta. With the hustle and bustle of Jakarta Shangri-La has a very pleasant atmosphere for you to eliminate fatigue.

We checked in at this hotel at two o`clock. I impressed with their excellent service, so friendly and helpful. The check in process here is so easy and fast. After that we were escorted by the staff to the room and he explained all the uses room amenities.

We chose Horizon Deluxe room which were in a high floor at this hotel and we can get free access to Horizon club. Want to know more about our room with all the amenities? Just scroll down guys!

shangri-la jakarta room

jajanbeken best city view jakarta hotel

jajanbeken best view jakarta hotel

jajanbeken shangri la hotel restaurant

jajanbeken shangri la best bussines hotel jakarta

Their good service is not just on its front office only, but they warmly welcomed us with beautiful words in the writing accompanied by complete fruits and cakes. And this is a tremendous extension of them for the guests so they feel at home here.

shangri la hotel jakarta room

Our arrival was right in the holy month of Ramadan. So the entire interior of the hotel is complemented by the elegant and luxurious Ramadan attributes typical of Shangri-La.

The Lobby of Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Still my favorite hotel lobby, they have a spacious lobby with beautiful ornaments adorning. The lobby at this hotel has a very comfortable lounge as well as other facilities. And the most typical is the aroma the fragrance very relaxing.

jajanbeken hotel shangri la jakarta

jajanbeken hotel shangri la review

Swimming Pool Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

From the lobby now I began to introduce the hotel facilities one by one. For the first one I will show you guys the swimming pool! And I think, the pool at this hotel is still the best. Has a fairly wide pool and is also in a green environment.

shangri-la jakarta price
shangri-la jakarta swimming pool

shangri-la jakarta review

shangri la jakarta 2

Looks very nice right? You can swim and surrounded by shady trees like being in an Oasis isn’t?  To the depth of this pool I forgot which is definitely more than 2.5 meters. With depth as it is it safe? Yes, because there is a pool keeper to assure everything goes safe.

shangri la jakarta 4

jajanbeken shangri-la
Look! I am so happy to lay here
Family Arena Shangri-La Jakarta

For you who bring children here, you don`t have to confuse. Because they provide mini water park for children which are certainly safe.

shangri-la jakarta best business hotel

Gym, SPA and Sauna at Shangri-La Jakarta

Every 5-star hotel certainly has facilities that will spoil its guests. As does Shangri-La they health club is the complete one. There is a jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna and a gym which you can enjoy for free if you stay here. Of course there are also staff that will stand by to help you if there are difficulties.

jajanbeken satoo shangri la

jajanbeken jia shangri la

jajanbeken shangri la jia

jajanbeken rosso shangri la
jajanbeken shangri la rosso
Room at Shangri La Jakarta

Shangri-La hotel have several types of rooms available such as Deluxe Room, Horizon Deluxe Room and Suite Room. If you chose the Horizon Deluxe Room you will be able to look more beautiful city view scenery due to it`s placed at a high floor.

Other than that, you also get access to the Horizon club lounge. Is a place where there is a private lounge as well as more privileges. Here you can breakfast, lunch, dinner until afternoon tea. But for the food is not too diverse most of the dishes are western.

shangri la jakarta

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near bni 46

When I opened the door then I like suddenly. Room with an area of 484 sq has complete amenities in it. In this room there is Air conditioning, Coffee / tea maker, Television, In-room safe, Minibar, Slippers, Complimentary bottled water, Desk and Ironing facility.

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near grand indonesia

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near sudirman baru station

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near bni city station

shangri la hotel jakarta sauna

jajanbeken shangri la wedding package

You can find prayer need in the drawer like Koran.

shangri la hotel jakarta satoo restaurant

A book that you can read before a sleep.

shangri la hotel jakarta satoo buffet

A desk like in office, complete with desk lamp and also high speed of wi-fi connection.

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near monas

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta

jajanbeken jia dining restaurant

Love it! they also provide loudspeaker docking station so I can tune the song all day. And the room is soundproof so we can set the song with a high volume.

jajanbeken shangri la hotel kids pool

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near train station
The Pool view from my room
Bathroom Shangri-La Jakarta

The bathroom in my room also very luxurious and has a large space. For the lotion, soap and shampoo they are using L’occitane body care.

shangri la hotel review

shangri la hotel jakarta tennis

shangri la hotel jakarta

shangri la hotel jakarta gym

Horizon Lobby Shangri-La Jakarta

Let`s check, how the atmosphere of Horizon club lounge is. The place is very spacious spent almost half of this floor. The design has a modern and luxurious but doesn’t look old school. This place is perfect for you to welcome guests.

shangri la hotel jakarta promo

shangri la best hotel jakarta

shangri la hotel jakarta booking

jajanbeken hotel shangri la jakarta pusat

Mini Buffet at Horison Lobby Shangri-La

Mini buffet is available at meal time, the food served some of appetizer, main course and also desser and bakeryt. But if you want to have a large selection of cuisine you can dine in at Satoo, Jia or Rosso Restaurant.

jajanbeken shangri la hotel jakarta phone number

jajanbeken best hotel jakarta

jajanbeken shangri la hotel jakarta price

jajanbeken hotel shangri la alamat

Breakfast at Satoo Shangri-La Jakarta

Satoo is one of my favorite buffet restaurants. I liked this restaurant because it has a great selection of food from Indonesian cuisine, Asian, European to Western all there and delicious. .

jajanbeken shangri la hotel jakarta review

I choose cereal and dry fruit with some of Danish bread and other sweet bakery here. But if you want to try their bakso or lontong sayur they are most welcome too.

shangri-la jakarta address

shangri-la jakarta breakfast

shangri-la jakarta booking

For this I will not talk much but you should see our special review Satoo restaurant on the previous page. You can click HERE

Dinner at Jia Dining

Jia Dining is a Chinese modern classic restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. Don`t forget to try their dim sum selection and the most popular Peking Duck here. All food at Jia Dining are satisfying and make you want to come back.

jajanbeken hotel shangri la harga

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near thamrin

jajanbeken hotel shangri la fasilitas
Peking Duck

jajanbeken hotel shangri la indonesia

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near sudirman

Same as before I also will not talk much about this restaurant, You can see our full review for Jia Dining Shangri-La Here.

Sahoor at Satoo Shangri-La Jakarta

So Happy, our sahoor time apart in Satoo we also did sahoor in our room. They have sahoor package with a certain price. Menu choices are also very diverse just choose how you like. And most importantly, everything will be deliver and prepared by the staff, you just sit and eat right away.

tripadvisor shangri la jakarta

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near trans jakarta

jajanbeken luxury 5 stars hotel jakarta

jajanbeken luxury 5 stars hotel jakarta tripadvisor

jajanbeken five stars hotel jakarta near japan embassy

jajanbeken shangri la jakarta room

shangri la hotel jakarta rosso restaurant

jajanbeken hotel in jakarta

jajanbeken luxury 5 stars hoel in jakarta

Ramadan at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Celebrating the fasting month of Ramadan in a Shangri La Hotel make it so easy. The staff also celebrate and facilitate us who run the fast. Worship is also easier because they provide prayer equipment in every room. Design and music that accompany make us always remember with God.

But that’s not all, break my fast more enjoyable if during breaking fast I ran to Satoo and immediately took a few bowls of meatballs Lol.

jajanbeken shangri la hotel jakarta harga

jajanbeken shangri la hotel jakarta booking

Birthday at Shangri-La Jakarta

And this is my special moment to be here. This time my birthday is very precious and unforgettable, because Shangrila Hotel Jakarta gave me a little surprise cake birthday greeting. Happy Birthday … That`s what I see when I wake up in the morning written on the cake on my desk.

Happy and grateful as I am still in the circle of good people who love me. And I also feel the staff in this hotel like family because they entertain me so warmly.

jajanbeken staycation shangri la

shangri la hotel jakarta jia dining

jajanbeken food and travel blogger

jajanbeken shangri la satoo

I highly recommend Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta to you guys! This five star hotel has excellent facilities and a very satisfying service. Located in the center of the capital, making the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta became one of the most conveniently located hotels.

Finally I close my review and don’t forget to follow our culinary journey in this blog, InstagramYoutube and Facebook. Please apologize if there is something missing in writing or menu explanation. We open for critics and comment. See you in another culinary journey with Jajanbeken!


Address : Kota BNI, Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav 1, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta 10220

Telepon: (021) 29229999

Instagram: @Shangrilajkt


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