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Hello guys! Now we are back to bring newest culinary information to all of you. Soon we will have one restaurant that serving Manadonese Cuisine in Jakarta precisely in Puri Kembangan Jakarta Barat. The name of the restaurant is Redbox or you can call it as While it still new so you guys have to stay on this article with us because Redbox Restaurant Puri Kembangan is really worth to visit!

Since it become a Manadonese Restaurant so what do you think when you heard about Manado Cuisine? Some of you must be answered spicy! Yes exactly Manadonese cuisine has a tangy and spicy taste. That is why the restaurant is taking red color for Redbox to represent a spiciness.

Manado is one of ethnic in Indonesia precisely in the north of Sulawesi and Gorontalo. Manado has a various culinary from land to sea. Manado also well known with their extreme culinary. But they also has various sea food in their dish.

Redbox restaurant collaborate with one of Masterchef Indonesia from the first season. There is Agus Sasirangan who create menu for Redbox Jakarta. He create some Manadonese food here and there are 9 menu for you to try!

jajanbeken agnez mo coke bottle and bubur manado

jajanbeken redbox jakarta barat

Redbox Restaurant built simple  family concept dining place with buffet menu and a la carte. We can see red table and red chair in harmonious with the name of Redbox Restaurant. As the Indonesian way to eat this concept will be comfortable for you to having a dine in experience while enjoying all Manadonese Cuisine here.

You will be amazed when you know that Redbox Restaurant is own by one of Indonesian Superstar which has been going international. She is Agnez Mo a multi talented artist with many achievement who made international debut “Coke Bottle” with Missy Elliot. One point that I really appreciate is that she still up Indonesian Culinary for her Food and Beverages project and I love her “Bubur Manado” in this restaurant.

Jajanbeken Redbox Agnez Mo

jajanbeken agnez mo colaborate masterchef indonesia

Sambal Dabu-Dabu is one of famous sambal in Indonesia and it come from Manado. Sambal Dabu-dabu made from slices of chili and shallot with a hint of lime squeeze. This sambal is perfect when eat with fish, white meat and red meat.

jajanbeken agnez mo membuka restoran
Sambal Dabu Iris IDR 13K

Sambal goreng is one of common sambal that we can found in Indonesia. This sambal is used in many food.

jajanbeken agnez mo fnb project
Sambal Goreng IDR 8K

jajanbeken agnez mo launch new restaurant redbox

jajanbeken restoran makanan khas manadao

jajanbeken bisnis restoran agnez mo

Bubur Manado IDR 20K

This scrumptious porridge is a famous Indonesian Culinary from Manado. Bubur Manado is a porridge mixed with vegetable. This savory porridge really match when eat with fried salted fish and sambal roa.

jajanbeken restoran baru agnez mo

jajanbeken restoran agnez mo

Mie Pidis Manado IDR 20K

This special dish is very famous in Manado. Made from noodle and fish goulash with turmeric and chili.

jajanbeken redbox menu

This noodle very rich with seafood taste. The spiciness level still good for Indonesian taste.

jajanbeken agnez mo restaurant

Redbox Restaurant also serves Mie Pidis with soup. Both noodle and the soup are delicious.

jajanbeken restoran manado agnez mo

Ayam Rica-Rica IDR 25K

Ayam rica-rica use chili, ginger and turmeric. The more spicy the more delicious that the key of ayam rica-rica. Redbox by Agnez Mo has a tender chicken meat with comfortable spiciness level.

jajanbeken redbox agnez mo blackbox agnez mo yellowbox agnez mo

Ikan Woku Bumbu Telor Asin IDR 45K

Ikan woku made from mashed fish with delicious seasoning. This ikan woku become special when cooked with salted egg.

jajanbeken redbox manadonese restaurant

jajanbeken redbox by agnez mo

Looks delicious? Now I am feel hungry LOL. So let’s take a look to the dessert menu!

jajanbeken redbox jakarta

Apang Coe Manado IDR 15K

Apang coe is Manadonese cake, made with flour and brown sugar. The texture is spongy and tender. Not too sweet and addictive.

jajanbeken redbox inc

jajanbeken agnez mo open new restaurant

Es Kacang Merah IDR 18K

One of the dessert that we found at is es kacang merah. Red bean ice with chocolate taste but not too heavy. Fresh and not too sweet.

jajanbeken redbox restaurant

Don’t forget to watch the video here!

That’s all my culinary story at Redbox by Agnez Mo. I recommend this restaurant for you who loves spicy and Manadonese Cuisines.

Sssst there will be another Agnez Mo FnB project in the future. Let we say Blackbox for coffee shop and Yellowbox for desserts house. Can’t wait for to make it happen!

Don’t forget to come at the grand opening guys. Agnez Mo will perform a cooking demo in so don’t miss it! Here is the detail!

Jajanbeken Agnez Mo Red Box Manadonese Restaurant

Finnaly I close my review in this article and I apologize if there is an error in my writing. See you in another culinary story with Jajanbeken!

Cover photo credits to Redbox Restaurant



Ambience : Average

Taste : Excellent

Service : Excellent

Price :  Average



Wifi : Yes

Plug : No

Dine in : Yes

Outdoor : Yes

Toilet : Yes

Parking: Yes



Address :  Jl. Puri Kembangan No. 10, Puri Indah, Jakarta

Telp :  0811 5835526


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Price : Average 80K  for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted


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