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[NEW BRANCH] Caribou Coffee Sarinah

Coffee shop is one of my destinations when I want to do a task or just chilling out. Why I chose the coffee shop? Because the coffee shop is a comfort place for visitors to enjoy quality coffee and do relaxation. Besides a comfortable place, coffee shop also provides coffee and drinks. Therefore I will give the good news to all of you coffee lovers. About one of the renowned brand of coffee shop which has opened a New Branch in Thamrin areas it’s called  Caribou Coffee Sarinah.

Sunday morning, me and friends visited Caribou Coffee Sarinah to the invitation for grand opening of the new branch of this coffee shop. Previously I have visited Caribou Coffee Kuningan. In Sarinah, this is the fourth branch of the Caribou brand’s, where the first branch located in Senopati. In my opinion this coffee shop will open many new branches in Jakarta because they provide best quality coffee.

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Why Caribou Coffee Is The Best?

Why I said that the Caribou Coffee is the best? Because they have the baristas are quite proficient in their field. Evident when I asked about the taste of the coffee that I like, and they are able to choose the type of coffee to my taste. Besides the barista, Caribou Coffee also provide a very convenient coffee place like home.

They always spoil the visitors with the best quality they provide. That the reason why I always come back to Caribou Coffee wherever their branches.

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Caribou Coffee Sarinah

The presence of Caribou Coffee Sarinah is replacing the previous restaurant is VMAD Vegetarian Madness. The location of the Caribou Coffee overlooking Jl. K.H Wahid Hasyim and opposite with Lotus Department Store.

Talking about the design of the room, the most I like is a digital campfire, looks very warm. Chairs and tables lined up neatly here and they use wood element to feel homey.

The Caribou Coffee in sarinah quite spacious, they have a room that can accommodate a lot of people.

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The Coffee At Caribou Coffee

Here, me and barista can interact directly because the Caribou Coffee provides seating facing the barista when making manual brew. So I can better understand the way of making manual brew.

The Difference Taste Between Hot And Cold Brewing

On this occasion I tried several kinds of coffee here with the technique of making Chemex. For you who ask, what the Chemex or Manual Brew?  Pour over method is a method of brewing coffee has been known since long. This method is not difficult, but also not simple, because the coffee brewing need a rigorous process in order to produce quality coffee brew and delicious tastes.

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I tried the coffee beans with the kind of Columbian, and why I chose Chemex for Pour over hot method? Because from the result processed of Chemex, presenting the flavors of coffee with very strong. And this is my first time to try Colombian coffee beans.

And the texture a bit like tea, acid and there is a chocolate taste. Colombian coffee beans included in Medium roast.

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The first time I saw the pour over method using ice. And for this I still wish to use the Colombian coffee beans as processed just want to compare the difference between hot and ice method. It turns out, the taste of coffee feel more fruity and mild but still roasty. Feels more refreshing and the sourness feels more clearly. If you come here, must try this pour over Chemex with ice.

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Double Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha Cooler IDR 50K

After I tried the coffee now it’s turn for Non-Coffee Beverages. I really like this Double Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha Cooler, the chocolate taste was strong enough but not too sweet. When I was drank it I feels very smooth, I think this is a perfect combination of taste between chocolate and hazelnut.

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Beef Bac And Egg Bagel IDR 52K

Caribou Coffee Sarinah not only have a good coffee selection but also the food, not to mention for this Egg Bagel. I really like the texture of the bagel from this menu, crisp but very tender. The beef it’s very tasty, when I bite the beef it’s very tender and savory. And the interesting part of this menu is from the egg. The eggs served with thick, eat more delicious when poured the sauce over the bread.

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Macnara Pie IDR 56K

This is one of the signature menu here. The most I like of this menu is the combination of pasta and cheese. The pie was tender but not easily to destroy.

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Salted Caramel Panna Cotta

I order this menu as recommended by the barista here. Because at that time she taught me how to enjoy the manual brew with this menu. Evidently, the combination of the menu is very delicious. First eat the panna cotta but don’t chew then you drink coffee. And after that you will get the sensation from bitterness mix with sweetness.

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Okay guys that was my story at Caribou Coffee Sarinah. Overall I love the ambiance, the decoration, the food and also the coffee! Thank you very much for the barista that showed to me the brewing process, love your works! And I recommend this Caribou Coffee Sarinah for your leisure time!

Thank you for coming in this article, don’t forget to subscribe my blog and see the others awesome articles. I apologize if there are errors in my writing, and see you to the next adventure with Jajan Beken 🙂

Ambience : Good
Taste : Good
Service : Good
Price :  Average
Wifi : Yes
Plug : Yes
Dine in : Yes
Outdoor : Yes
Toilet : yes
Address :Sarinah Building, Lantai Ground, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12940
Instagram : @cariboucoffeeid
Twitter : @cariboucoffeeid
Facebook : cariboucoffeid
Website : www.cariboucoffee.com

Open hour : 6.30AM – 23PM
Price : Average 200K  for two people (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted

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