Harum Manis Restaurant Jakarta

Yesterday, I just visited one of Indonesian food restaurants in Retail Arcade Apartment Pavilion Central Jakarta. And yes as in the title Harum Manis is derived from a sweet cotton candy that is native to Indonesian and is popular among children for its crispiness and sweet flavor. Harum Manis Restaurant takes advantages of the rich Indonesian heritage in the interior and architectural design of the restaurant.

Harum Manis restaurant Jakarta gives a Javanese feel with a romantic touch. The interior selected mostly from wood with its distinctive carvings, thus reinforcing the traditional concept that you want to highlight.

Harum Manis Restaurant

Creamy white and brown colors dominate the room and table for dining. Harum Manis Restaurant is like spoiling you to feel like eating at home. Not only the interior, we heard beautiful Javanese music faintly played throughout the restaurant. 


Serves as a common area where the satay and beverage bar are located. The openness design with charming displays of local food and beverage too delicious to be missed. 

Senthong Kanan

As room that would host the Javanese Royal Family in the past, a beautiful chandelier is placed at the center of room to elicit a feeling of grandeur.

If you see the patterns on the floor are Kawung Flower motifs. The concept of symmetry plays an important role and as essential part of traditional Javanese home design.

As you can see the structure of restaurant is primarily composed of wood with all new and custom made materials to bring an old style back to life.

Harum Manis Restaurant Menu

And after we talked about the ambience of this restaurant, let’s see what the menus I order here. Just scroll guys!

Ayam Panggang Special Harum Manis IDR 198K

The menu served with whole chicken with slow roasted free range chicken, over multi grains. I think this menu is very suitable to be used as a sharing menu because the portions are served quite a lot. There is brown rice and also urap which is a complement to this menu. Chicken meat is also very tasty and tender.

Cumi Goreng Mangga Kweni IDR 138K

This one is my favorite menu, the menu served with 24-Hour marinated squid, fried golden brown and served with mango kweni sauce. It’s very crunchy especially when dipped in mango sauce it will taste more perfect.

Dendeng Lombok Legi IDR 168K

This menu served with thinly sliced crispy beef brisket with special Central Javanese traditional sauce. Taste sweet and not too spicy but very addictive. I really like this menu not to mention when paired with rice.

Aneka Sate Nusantara IDR 228K

Highly recommend! Especially if you come with colleagues. They serve 10 skewers with different satay variants like chicken satay, beef satay, sate buntel, sate lilit and also sate tempeh.

Sambal Bledek Ikan Gabus IDR 58K

If you are a spicy lover you should order this menu. On the top of the sambal they put crispy chopped snakehead fish (ikan gabus kering) which makes this menu more perfect.

Selection of Rice

It doesn’t taste like eating this delicious food without rice. They present several rice menu variants such as white rice, green rice, yellow rice and brown rice. This rice menu priced at IDR 22K except for white rice which is only 8K.

Don’t forget to take your favorite sambal at sambal stall in the corner.

Colenak Nyi Iteung IDR 68K

This colenak menu served with grilled fermented cassava (tape), buttermilk sauce, banana, and shredded young coconut, palm sugar syrup & candied jackfruit. What a good temptation on a plate and boom, it’s taste amazing!

Es Campur IDR 40K

This menu served with avocado, young coconut, fermented cassava, jack fruit, plenty little treasure on shaved ice, syrup and condensed milk.

I highly recommend this Harum Manis Restaurant to you guys. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in town. They have a very comfortable ambience with a luxurious taste but still looks the traditional side. They serve a 5 star food and no one makes me disappointed. You must try too guys!

Finally I close my review and don’t forget to follow our culinary journey in this blog, InstagramYoutube and Facebook. Please apologize if there is something missing in writing or menu explanation. We open for critics and comment. See you in another culinary journey with Jajanbeken!


Taste : Excellent

Service : Excellent

Price :  Average


Wifi : Yes

Plug : Yes

Dine in : Yes

Outdoor : No

Toilet : Yes

Parking: Yes


Address : Retail Arcade Apartemen Pavilion, Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No.Kav 24, RT.12/RW.11, Karet Tengsin, Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220

Telp : (021) 57941727

Instagram @harummanisjkt

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Open hour:  11:30AM–3PM, 6–11PM

Price : Rp500.000 for two people (approx.)

Dresscode : Smart Casual.


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