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So Happy my favorite shabu-shabu restaurant has opened new branch at south Jakarta area. MOMO PARADISE SENOPATI present to pamper your stomach with their excellent shabu-shabu. Their first branch in Indonesia is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk which is I also wrote it you … Lanjutkan membaca NEW BRANCH MOMO PARADISE SENOPATI

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Teras Dharmawangsa brings a touch of eclectic style to South Jakarta’s fashionable neighborhood shopping mall, Dharmawangsa Square. It is a casual-style restaurant that fuses the mouth-watering taste of Asian cuisines such as Indonesian, Chinese and Thailand with good quality home-cooked … Lanjutkan membaca 7 MUST TRY MENU TERAS DHARMAWANGSA JAKARTA

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7 Rekomendasi Bebek Enak di Jakarta

Bicara soal kuliner bebek terenak di Jakarta pasti menarik juga untuk dibahas, mulai  dari nasi bebek kaki lima hingga bebek panggang di hotel berbintang. Dari sekian banyak hidangan bebek di Jakarta yang sudah kita coba ada beberapa yang menurut kita … Lanjutkan membaca 7 Rekomendasi Bebek Enak di Jakarta

7 Must Try Menu Enmaru Restaurant The Plaza Jakarta

Almost of us loves Japanese cuisine, and Japanese restaurant in Jakarta very much with a variety of distinctive features. But there is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants now is Enmaru Restaurant The Plaza Jakarta. Located at Altitude The Plaza Jakarta on the 46th floor which is Enmaru has amazing view. So I’ll tell you a little about my time eating here. An amazing experience enjoy delicious Japanese food with city views that will amaze you. As usual, I went with Adi here to try some of their All you can eat menu. Not something new but the AYCE menu was offered to us and we are … Lanjutkan membaca 7 Must Try Menu Enmaru Restaurant The Plaza Jakarta

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Calling you all K-pop lovers or Korean food enthusiasts, you should try the newly opened restaurant is Seoul Yummy. Located at Avenue of The Star – Ground Floor Lippo Mall Kemang. Which is where you can feel the Korea-style condensed … Lanjutkan membaca SEOUL YUMMY LIPPO MALL KEMANG JAKARTA

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Sunsethouse Lombok Pantai Senggigi 

Mungkin tidak pernah terlintas dalam bayangan kita sebelumnya apakah kita bisa melakukan sebuah perjalanan Wisata Lombok hanya semalam saja? Ya itulah yang kami lakukan beberapa minggu yang lalu. Begitu banyaknya wisata dan tempat yang menarik di Lombok ternyata harus kita … Lanjutkan membaca Sunsethouse Lombok Pantai Senggigi 


Branche Bistro Senopati a restaurant that is not foreign to you the culinary connoisseur, especially Jakarta, and now creating a new menu for spoiling us all. With its existence more than 4 years, Branche Bistro Senopati always providing continuous innovation in order to compete … Lanjutkan membaca BRANCHE BISTRO SENOPATI

Patio Venue Dharmawangsa Jakarta

With the hustle and bustle of the city, we desperately need a mind refreshing from all activities in the whole week. One that you can choose is Patio Venue Dharmawangsa Jakarta restaurant as a place to spend the weekend. Special for your … Lanjutkan membaca Patio Venue Dharmawangsa Jakarta

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7 Must Try Menu Plataran Menteng Jakarta

Yesterday me and my friend had lunch in Plataran Menteng. Plataran Menteng is a restaurant that represents the colonial residence of noble families domiciled in Jakarta. Located at Jalan H.0.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42 Menteng, quiet and strategic, this is the perfect location for the … Lanjutkan membaca 7 Must Try Menu Plataran Menteng Jakarta

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Tian Jing Lou Bandung at Intercontinental Hotel

Tian Jing Lou Bandung located at Intercontinental Dago Pakar Hotel top floor. Here you can see a very beautiful scenery. See from the reviews this place is excellent, so we decided to make Tian Jing Lou Bandung as our culinary destination … Lanjutkan membaca Tian Jing Lou Bandung at Intercontinental Hotel