Patio Venue Dharmawangsa Jakarta

With the hustle and bustle of the city, we desperately need a mind refreshing from all activities in the whole week. One that you can choose is Patio Venue Dharmawangsa Jakarta restaurant as a place to spend the weekend. Special for your … Lanjutkan membaca Patio Venue Dharmawangsa Jakarta

jajanbeken pasola restaurant menu

Pasola Jakarta at Ritz Carlton Hotel

After being renovated, buffet from Ritz carlton Hotel Pacific Place re-opened under the name Pasola Jakarta. This restaurant comes with a very interesting concept which is they combine western cuisine with ingredients of Indonesian cuisine. Honestly I never dissatisfied to enjoy the dish … Lanjutkan membaca Pasola Jakarta at Ritz Carlton Hotel

jajanbeken pergi kuliner putu made

Putu Made Senayan City

Yesterday I came to Putu Made Restaurant to try some of the menus they serve. Putu Made is a restaurant under the Boga Group newly opened in Senayan City Mall. This restaurant presents a variety of typical Balinese cuisine that is very … Lanjutkan membaca Putu Made Senayan City

jajanbeken takemori menu

The Takemori Dharmawangsa Square Jakarta

Are you a Japanese cuisine Lover? If you do, you should read my review this time. Because what? Coz I just found a Japanese restaurant which I think is rarely exposed by many people. The restaurant name is Takemori Dharmawangsa Jakarta standing long enough … Lanjutkan membaca The Takemori Dharmawangsa Square Jakarta

True Indonesian Flavors at Plataran Dharmawangsa Jakarta

Do you have a favorite restaurant? If you ask me otherwise, surely I will say Plataran Dharmawangsa. I really like this restaurant because they have a very strong Indonesian taste that I have rarely found in Jakarta. Other than that at each branch … Lanjutkan membaca True Indonesian Flavors at Plataran Dharmawangsa Jakarta